What is the Creative and Media Diploma?

The Creative and Media Diploma is a level 2 course (it is equivalent to 7 GCSE’s). The diploma is an ideal opportunity for pupils to embrace their creative skills and develop their inter-disciplinary course knowledge in Media, Music and Art. The diploma allows pupils the opportunity to develop theory and practical experience, enabling pupils to work with practitioners and industry contacts throughout the two years. The pupils will work with state of the art digital equipment developing  vocational skills. The course allows pupils gain skills in the following areas:  Games design, Graphics, Audio and Radio Production, 2D Art, Photo imaging, Film, and Animation. This is an ideal opportunity for pupils looking for a career in the creative industries.

What will pupils learn?

The Creative and Media Diploma will be delivered through out the 2 years. The Students will work on seven units of work, selecting areas of interest from a wide range of creative disciplines. The course allows students to learn valuable skills in different situations. Students will learn about the key themes in creativity and how to think and work creatively. This includes seeing a project through from start to finish, identifying an audience and their needs, and learning about the business side of the creative and media industries. The diploma will include a minimum of 10 days’ work experience in a creative industry.

Course requirements

You will need to be able to achieve an A – C grade in English, ICT and Maths to complete this  diploma course.


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